Ingredients to Flavour up

Real taste

The produce that ends up in our Tastie choice products is grown on local farms, where we also teach organic and sustainable farming techniques to our community of farmers.

At every step – from raw materials to the finished product that reaches the customers’ kitchen – quality, safety, hygiene and customized service is at the forefront of all our efforts.That’s why we have ensured that all our manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest level of quality, safety, and hygiene standards during the manufacturing process, as well as the supply chain .



Black lentils are rich in protein and were named as one of the “6 Surprising Superfoods” due to their levels of iron and fiber. The bean is black when harvested. Once shelled and polished the black “skin” reveals an ivory white colored pea no larger than ½ cm.
Chickpeas are one of the earliest cultivated legumes: 7,500-year-old remains have been found in the Middle East. India grows the most chickpeas in the world. They are consumed in many different ways, including raw, boiled, fried, or ground into a flour.



Our rice is Considered the world’s most aromatic and longest grain of any rain variety, the word Basmati variously means “Full of Aroma” the “prince of fragrance” or the “perfumed one”. India is the largest producer of Basmati rice, all of which is grown in the northwestern regions of the country and harvested during the Diwali season or the Indian festival of lights, this has been around for centuries and was the favorite of the Moghul Emperors.